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KMSmicro v3.12

Written By dana somenko on Tuesday, March 5, 2013 | 1:01 PM

KMSmicro 3.12

KMSmicro 3.12 - self-contained, independent of the system, a local KMS server to activate Windows 7, Windows 8 Professional and Enterprise versions, and now Microsoft Office 2013. It is possible to use KMSmicro 3.11 with flash. Now in KMSmicro built Office 2013 activation server, thus activate Microsoft Office 2013 there is no difficulty. With KMSmicro 3.11 easily activated final volumnye (Volume) versions of Microsoft Office 2013 on Windows 8. Activator KMSmicro 3.12 can work in offline mode, that is to activate Microsoft Office 2013 or Windows 8 is not necessarily connected to the Internet.

Activating Windows:
  1. Start-KMSmicro.vbs, waiting for the server to boot. If for some reason the server is not starts, go to the folder and qemu-try to start it, the file there KMSdebug.cmd
  2. Ustanavlivaem your time zone "Z".
  3. Zapuskaem the Administrator file Activation Helper. Exe to activate the computer. All, the system is activated for 180 days.
Activation of Office 2010-2013:
  1. Starting from v3.00 to KMSmicro integrated activation server Office 2010-2013. Read "Office 2010 & 2013.
  2. Install & Activate.txt ", it is written.
System requirements:
  • PC/x86 any compatible computer (even works inside a virtual machine)
  • 210 MB of space on HDD
  • 350 MB of RAM
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse is optional
  • Can also run from a flash drive
Changes in version 3.12:
  • Changed setup time zone
  • Added a cheat counters
  • To change little something else :)


Download KMSmicro 3.12.rar (164.910 KB)


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